Release name: B1.180
Release summary: Adds support for parsing durations.
Automatic version: 4
Manual version: B1.184
Published by: Alan Lovejoy (chronos)
Created: 29 December 2006 4:53:58 am
Last updated: 2 January 2007 8:33:28 am
Release note:

Added support for the following:

1) Parsing of Scientific Durations (ANSI Smalltalk syntax);
2) Parsing of Calendar/Civil Durations (ISO 8601 syntax--which requires support for fractional element values);
3) Calendar/Civil durations with fractional element values (years, months, days, seconds)--because of #2;
4) Date/Time arithmetic involving fractional elements (years, months, day, hours, minutes, seconds)--because of #3;
5) Added 2007-01-02 as a NYSE closure date (Day Of Mourning for US President Gerald Ford.)
6) Changed some class and category names for compatibility with Monticello.
7) Some other minor improvements.

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SHA checksum: 1235485267792849545459773247357808619489989902199