Release name: B1.188
Release summary: Deeper uinification of time-interval API/semantics between Timeperiods and CalendricalCoordinates
Automatic version: 6
Manual version: B1.188
Published by: Alan Lovejoy (chronos)
Created: 8 January 2007 7:22:44 am
Last updated: 8 January 2007 7:22:44 am
Release note:

Made Timeperiod, YearMonthDay and Timepont fully polymorphic.

Made ChronosParser more intelligently reduce the generality of parsed date/time values (e.g., Soa YearMonthDay will be answered when no time-of-day values are specified, even though asked to parse a full DateAndTime.)

Fixed bugs.

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SHA checksum: 1235485267792849545459773247357808619489989902199