Summary: Directory stream and file stat improvements for faster file and directory access
Author: Dave Lewis
Owner: Dave Lewis (dtl)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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DirectoryPlugin runs on Unix and Windows, and provides a noticable improvement in many directory and file access methods. If you use CommandShell on Unix (Linux), you should see an overall 15X improvement based on timing the CommandShell SUnit tests with and without DirectoryPlugin.

DirectoryPlugin provides access to file stat calls, which provides significant improvement to methods such as FileDirectoryisAFileNamed, FileDirectoryfileExists, UnixFileDirectoryentryAt:, and similar methods.

DirectoryPlugin provides a significant improvement in directory access speed on platforms with Posix style directory streams. It provides primitives for access to opendir(), readdir() and related calls, as well as stat() calls on named files. On Unix systems, this enables performance improvements for methods such asFileDirectoryentries and FileDirectoryfileAndDirectoryNames. The primitives run on Windows also, but do not improve performance.

This change set hooks the directory stream primitives into UnixFileDirectory so they are in effect only for Unix systems. It hooks the file stat primitives into StandardFileStream and FileDirectory, so they provide performance improvements for both Windows and Unix systems.