Release name: ScratchPatchXML
Release summary: export / import Scratch 1.2.1 block stacks to and from xml
Automatic version: 2
Manual version: alpha 1.2.1
Published by: Jens Moenig (jens)
Created: 5 February 2008 8:57:56 am
Last updated: 5 February 2008 8:57:56 am
Release note:

This change set enables Scratch 1.2.1 to export scripts (block stacks) into an xml format, and to import scripts from xml files.

Once this change set is filed in, you will get an additional menu entry in the right button blocks menu (for export), and in the right button editor menu (for import).

Now you can use Scratch to edit your own external code, and create Scratch code in other applications. Any Scratch projects created this way will also run online.

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SHA checksum: 575456781735724232085664458425562255274873953114