Release name: Shapes
Release summary: reading and viewing GIS data in ESRI shapefile format
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Manual version: (1.0)
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Created: 23 April 2004 12:05:38 pm
Last updated: 23 April 2004 12:05:38 pm
Release note:

Adds classes representing ESRI shapefiles. Commonly used types are handled: Polygon, Polyline, Point and MultiPoint shapes. Shape data are read from files and simply kept as-is in ByteArrays in ShapeMap objects. For further processing of shape data, conversion into real objects (Polygon, Arc, Point, etc) might be handier.
Both the name.shp file and the index file ( name.shp file and the index file (name.shx) are read. To get at the attributes of the shapes, the accompanying name.dbf file needs to be read (a dbf-reader is not incorporated in the current version).
Besides reading, the only functionality included is viewing the contents of a ShapeMap as a Form (aShapeMap draw).

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