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Published by: Diego Fernandez (DF)
Created: 11 September 2006 4:50:07 am
Last updated: 11 September 2006 4:50:07 am
Release note:

To auto categorize methods on save, you should execute this:

AutomaticMethodCategorizerApplier install.

I have tested it with: the default system browser, the refactoring browser and Omnibrowser... but if you have any problem, execute:

AutomaticMethodCategorizerApplier uninstall.

To edit the categorization rules open a browser in:
AutomaticMethodCategorizer classdefaultCategorizationRules
(sorry no UI editor in this version)

Also there is a menu option using the services framework, but you have to relbuild the services registry:
World Menu-Preferences & Services-4. Rebuild services registry

You can also use the categorizer to categorize your methods without a browser
(usefull for bulk recategorization). See AutomaticMethodCategorizerTest for examples.

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