Whisker Browser

Release name: <Not entered>
Release summary: 1.2alpha version for 3.8/3.9
Automatic version: 6
Manual version: (1.2alpha)
Published by: <Not published yet>
Created: 20 February 2007 5:29:39 am
Last updated: 20 February 2007 5:29:39 am
Release note:

Changes so far in 1.2:

- Fixed a dozen or so methods which were missing timestamps. This seems to have happened sometime in 2005, so they were reset with a timestamp of 'dew 5/5/05 5:55'.
- Removed linefeeds from the changeset.
- So far, converted all 6 method overrides to MC-format method category ('*whisker-override').
- Converted method extension categories to *whisker.

- Fixed MNU error when reopening a minimized Whisker window.
- Fixed bug with browseIt functionality in WhiskerWindowmethodPaneForSelector:class:.
- Removed unused methods, including
- MorphremoveAsDependent

Release homepage:
Download: http://www.mindspring.com/~dway/smalltalk/Whisker1_2a.cs.gz
SHA checksum: 262293512951548816448387899895781178375681650638