Release name: <Not entered>
Release summary: Various updates, Connectors interface works better.
Automatic version: 6
Manual version: 0.7
Published by: Daniel Vainsencher (dvf)
Created: 31 May 2005 3:45:36 pm
Last updated: 31 May 2005 3:45:36 pm
Release note:

In the following, replace the names of the class categories with those you are interested in, then do it. You will see the dependencies between those categories and a virtual "everything else" category.

prefixes _ { 'FullMorphic'. 'CoreMorphic'. 'EToys'. 'BalloonMMFlash'}.
mma _ MultiModuleAnalyzer onSystemAndPackagesNamed: prefixes.
mma showPackageGraph.
NCSimulatedAnnealingGraphLayoutAlgorithm layoutWorld.

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