Summary: use OpenGL as backend to draw everything in squeak
Author: Igor Stasenko
Owner: Igor Stasenko (sig)
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The primary goal of project is to integrate GLCanvas (subclass of Canvas) and GLDisplayScreen
into squeak morphic model, to be able use OpenGL directly and avoid using software blitting for rendering at all.

At current stage, most basic canvas operations supported, and drawing speed is about 3 times faster when using hardware accelerated GL with morphic.

Using GL as back end for all drawing operations opens wide range perspective for morphic world. You can seamlessly use 2D/3D drawings for your morphs and create stunning 3D applications with little efforts and mix it with any existing 2D morphs to build UI for your applications. In fact, there's no difference is your morph 2D or 3D, since any morph can use GL calls directly to draw itself on screen. So there's no limits in what your morph can do. It can , for instance draw 3D meshs, or can apply special effects for own child morphs, like warping / texturing / color shifting e.t.c.
Everything which has OpenGL is under your total control. Of course this adds some danger, since you can damage OpenGL state when issuing wrong commands to it, but nevertheless you can gain much more - you can build 3D environments on the fly.

GLMorphic uses main squeak window and you don't need to create separate OS windows to draw your 3D stuff in it. This makes life much easier, since almost all UI in squeak used main window (pity, there's no support for multiple screens/desktops).

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