Release name: SVGMorph
Release summary: Morphs for displaying SVG via Balloon
Automatic version: 3
Manual version: (0.3.1)
Published by: <Not published yet>
Created: 2 August 2005 9:26:05 pm
Last updated: 2 August 2005 9:26:05 pm
Release note:

Fixes some problems, probably introduces some more!
Basic tspans supported.
Proper translucent color mixing for gradients.
All the basic shapes supported (not just paths).
Preliminaries for objectBoundingBox attribute.

Problems when a Strike font is your default text font. Use a TT font!

As always, SVGMorph example is the best bet for testing!

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SHA checksum: 1068751956087355528029240663615022150243377238641