SmaCC Development for <=3.8

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Automatic version: 1
Manual version: 1.3
Published by: Markus Gälli (mga)
Created: 23 January 2003 8:47:50 pm
Last updated: 8 February 2004 6:32:48 pm
Release note:

SmaCC parser generation raised #doesNotUnderstand: errors instead of
generating the intended notifications for the following:

Missing non-terminal productions
Unused non-terminal symbols
Invalid Smalltalk code in reduction rule

parseAndExplore-button on the testpage,
much more practical, if one wants to look on the parsetrees

Known bugs:

Alain hase observed the same problem with a BookMorph.

Release homepage:
SHA checksum: 1444570641574516021018276367685768977944032473177