Release name: muO - development snapshot
Release summary: musical objects for Squeak
Automatic version: 105
Manual version: 1-316
Published by: Stéphane Rollandin (spfa)
Created: 16 November 2016 5:44:15 pm
Last updated: 16 November 2016 5:44:15 pm
Release note:

It is recommended to install in a fresh 4.1, 4.3, 4.4 or 4.5 image.
Older Squeak versions are no longer supported.
4.6 and 5 may present minor glitches, as the system is developed in a 4.5 image.

This is a 3+ Mb download, with documentation and tests included

Home page:

Installation instructions:

1) you need the "muO dependencies" package, providing all mandatory third-party code:

2) unzip the archive and place the muo-cache folder in the same directory as your fresh image.

3) proceed to the installation of muO (either from a SqueakMap browser or manually by dropping the muO sar archive in a Squeak image)

Note that muO is an application for Squeak: it may not coexists happily with your other packages; it makes important changes to the look and feel of Squeak.
You should always start from a fresh image.

Release homepage:
SHA checksum: 737351157126952373664038270962119142006412391161