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Created: 14 November 2002 9:33:33 pm
Last updated: 29 July 2003 7:05:12 pm
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Note that you will need to update SARInstaller and DVS prior to installing this!

Fixed dependent problems
changed names of classifications to "extendable group" and "computed group"
added help button
added Celeste email reading
moved add choices into extendable group menus
added XML add attribute operation
added selection of children service to window menu
added "add new object"
changed behavior of yellow-button click on tree icons
added Preference for whether to use icons in tree pane

Fourth version of the port of the StarBrowser from VisualWorks to Squeak.

Added many new options, menu choices and buttons.
Added an XML and HTML editor as demos.

Most of the functionality works (the classifications model
and an inspector and class editor, and lots of other features.)
Drag and drop work (with thanks to Ned for the help).

Ned re-factored the menu handling and button handling into
more service classes, and added DVS, Morphic, and SqueakMap
support as examples of extension.

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