SqueakMap2 loader

Release name: SqueakMap Catalog
Release summary: SqueakMap Categories Browser added, code simplified and cleaned up.
Automatic version: 12
Manual version: 1.12
Published by: Brian T Rice (btr)
Created: 1 December 2006 12:48:10 am
Last updated: 1 December 2006 5:40:54 am
Release note:

This shortens the name of the Package Loader in the desktop menu to "SqueakMap Catalog". It also adds "SqueakMap Categories" which is a slightly different UI to the same feature set.

Compatibility is also fixed with older Squeaks and older SqueakMap model code.
The re-open action is now also fixed to open a browser of the same class as before (possibly updated or replaced).

Release homepage:
Download: http://squeak.krampe.se/SMLoader-btr.50.mcz
SHA checksum: 1182744641975346565913674998096190620833919290368