Release name: Celeste
Release summary: The Celeste Email Client with an AddressBook
Automatic version: 3
Manual version: (1.24)
Published by: <Not published yet>
Created: 3 October 2004 2:47:19 pm
Last updated: 3 October 2004 2:47:19 pm
Release note:

Release Notes for Celeste 1.24 / gg 3 Oct. 2004
Bug fix the createDB method of maildb which does not work correctly when creating a new mail db.
Some improvements over SMTPClient by a lot of sources.
Removed the if:then: construct (thanks to Marcus Denker and Adam Spitz)
Included Patches:
Merged Squeak source improvements (bp14)
It includes the following fixes:
- improve rebuild spam database performance by Daniel Vainsencher (from dvf.6)
- more robust decodeMimeHeader (from bp.9)
- status pane drawing fix
(thanks to Bernhard Pieber and Daniel Vainsencher).

Some other patches (see Celeste comment for details)

Release homepage:
Download: http://map.squeak.org/accountbyid/13974439-4292-4ca2-9e32-771d859ae213/files/Network-Mail Reader-gg.10.mcz
SHA checksum: 223367610047480556482469716476565244640737305795