Release name: InformationSpace
Release summary: Cleaned up controller UI, speed enhancements for explorations
Automatic version: 9
Manual version: Version 0.4.4
Published by: Brian Tabone (hybridmachine)
Created: 27 October 2004 9:27:46 pm
Last updated: 27 October 2004 9:27:46 pm
Release note:

InformationSpace 0.4.4 Changes text


* Added InformationSpace size field (Instead of just defaulting to
75 X 75 cells)
* Tabbing between text entry fieds has been implemented.
* Help mouseover balloons for fields and buttons have been added
* Status field added for notification of running status and run time taken
upon completion for exploration runs.
* Explore button lockout while exploration is running
* Background processing of explorations to maintain UI responsiveness
* Widdened the UI box
* Added shadows to buttons
* Enabled autoFit for file name text boxes, to make long file names easier to

CausalBit and CausalLigature
* Changed internal use of Dictionaries into use of OrderedCollections since
OrderedCollections are faster for our needs.
This shaves roughly 25% run time off exploration runs.

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SHA checksum: 949441112300954127035134906454368596546275177123