Release name: <Not entered>
Release summary: Added snippets; made emin easier to start; fixed dropped keystroke bug
Automatic version: 14
Manual version: SVI-3.9v2-sps.115
Published by: Steven Swerling (sps)
Created: 29 December 2006 9:16:10 pm
Last updated: 29 December 2006 9:16:10 pm
Release note:

SVI''s docs are not completely up to date, so where SVI''s documentation refers to ''m-?'', please use ''c-h'' instead.
To switch the help key back, you can execute the following (you might want to put it in your svirc file too):
SVIKeyMapper helpKey: ''m-?''.

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SHA checksum: 614113545645734591986923494461075255450758262036