Release name: SVI v.2.0 alpha2
Release summary: For Squeak 3.6 and Squeak 3.7
Automatic version: 2
Manual version: (2.0alpha-2)
Published by: <Not published yet>
Created: 11 February 2004 11:29:01 pm
Last updated: 11 February 2004 11:36:28 pm
Release note:

1. Changes/Additions to docs
2. Misc bug fixes
3. Made available SVICeleste and SVIStarBrowser as examples of how to integrate an app w/ SVI. (See
4. I started using Monticello as of this release, so I will be providing MC patches after this (but not this time).

Release homepage:
SHA checksum: 226577445288684489127459542698343883726666055178