Refactoring Browser for 3.8

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Automatic version: 11
Manual version: 3.8.42
Published by: Marcus Denker (md)
Created: 26 July 2005 1:12:29 pm
Last updated: 26 July 2005 1:12:29 pm
Release note:

Name: Refactory-md.3.8.42
Author: md
Time: 26 July 2005, 12:19:20 pm
UUID: 4566083e-9234-4341-a2c1-2f25dae45721
Ancestors: Refactory-md.3.8.41

- Moved additions from AbstractString to String
- Deleted RefactoryInfo
- comment for RBSmallDictionary
- Moved abstractVariableTestData from file into image
- childrenToSiblingTestData
- inlineMethodTestData
- move methods from RBTestData into testclass
- fix inlineMethodTestData to return string


Change Set: RefactoringBrowserLabelFix-jf
Date: 24 July 2005
Author: Joseph Frippiat

This is a little fix so that the label of a Refactoring Browser stays 'RB' and doesn't become 'System Browser'

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SHA checksum: 72864070103464778187866536038379453837313632302