Summary: A Parser for transforming XML without the need of XSL
Author: Chris Burkert
Owner: Chris Burkert (chbu)
Co-maintainers: <None>
Homepage: http://www.chrisburkert.de/index.php?node_id=75
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With XMLTransformer you can bind Smalltalk code to any XML element.
You can transform a XML into any other XML or finally in some other format ... Sound, Html, Pdf ... what you think of :)
You can bind XML namespaces to a namespace class.
You can bind XML elements to methods in a namespace class.

After installing take a look at the examples and class comments in XMLT (Category XML-Transformer).

- I have to create some example namespaces (Simplified Docbook).
- Namespaces should be able to get parsed several times.
- I need better solutions to avoid recursion.