Release name: Hexconverter
Release summary: Simple dual pane ascii-hex text converter
Automatic version: 1
Manual version: 0.8
Published by: Jim Freeman (jmf)
Created: 2 February 2006 1:03:36 pm
Last updated: 2 February 2006 1:24:26 pm
Release note:

Initial release. Works fine, but only supports Squeak V3.8. Needs some cleanup to support V3.7 and to be more extensible.

Release homepage:
Download: http://map.squeak.org/accountbyid/53aaa996-0a67-4b49-887e-c4dedd9757d5/files/Hexconverter-JMF.18.mcz
SHA checksum: 702989627265302537224365834685098353298929016026