GLORP port

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Manual version: (0.2.34)
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Created: 19 November 2002 2:46:46 am
Last updated: 3 August 2004 2:01:16 am
Release note:

This has been ported directly from the Glorp version 0.2.34 in the Cincom Public Repository.

YOU MUST HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED (FROM SQUEAKMAP) YANNI CHIU'S POSTGRESQL-CLIENT DRIVER VERSION 0.9, which in turn will require you to first install Alain Fischer's ANSI compatibility suite (which again you can get from SqueakMap).

NOTE: After loading Glorp, the following test cases will fail,
for the following reasons:

This test is supposed to fail. If it succeeds, there is a problem

Squeak TimeStamp instances don't support milliseconds,
and these three tests test for millisecond values.


Tests write a ScaledDecimal, but PostgreSQL treats it like a double float. When it is read back in, it doesn't compare, so the test fails.

I am in the process of writing GLORP documentation. The current draft can be found here (NOTE: this documentation was written LONG ago, and haven't been updated for quite some time!!):

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