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Manual version: (0.3.138)
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Created: 9 June 2005 9:28:15 pm
Last updated: 4 October 2010 10:46:21 am
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Glorp 0.3.138 release notes

This release was only tested in Squeak 3.8(6665).

Glorp requires the Postgres client, load it first, recommended version is 0.9.2.
Glorp patches IntegerprintOn:base:showRadix: to make it half broken, instead of totally broken.
Glorp patches ScannerxLetter to allow underscores in method names.
Glorp patches the Postgres client 0.9.2 to make it work in Squeak 3.8.

General info about Glorp is available on

2005-06-09 rh

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