GLORP port

Release name: 0.4.129
Release summary: Corresponds to the VisualWorks version 0.4.129 from public repository
Automatic version: 4
Manual version: 0.4.129
Published by: radoslav hodnicak (rh)
Created: 12 July 2007 1:01:26 am
Last updated: 4 October 2010 10:46:37 am
Release note:

Glorp 0.4.129 release notes

This release was only tested in Squeak 3.9(7067).

Glorp requires the Postgres client, load it first.

Glorp patches ScannerxLetter to allow underscores in method names.

After you load Glorp, edit PGConnection classbuildDefaultConnectionArgs and point it to your postgres server and database. This database will be used for running the SUnit tests. There are totally 819 glorp tests in this release. All tests should pass.

General info about Glorp is available on

2007-07-12 rh

Release homepage:
SHA checksum: 388116679746562448565202921992230126184915238692