Release name: Prolog
Release summary: Prolog for Squeak
Automatic version: 7
Manual version: (11)
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Created: 20 June 2008 11:15:29 am
Last updated: 20 June 2008 11:15:29 am
Release note:

some major improvements in this release...

* refactored the core code for clarity
* fixed the semantics of or() and and() which are now exactly equivalent to the ; and , operators
* defined three levels of database scoping: global, class-local and instance-local
* cached the mapping from prolog predicates (symbols) to their actual implementors (selectors) for faster evaluation
* implemented an API for calling Prolog from Smalltalk directly, bypassing LParser/LCompiler. this is similar to the way LispKit interpreters handles code written in Array syntax and makes it possible to populate Prolog databases (which can now be class-local btw) with facts about live Smalltalk objects
* enabled easy redirection of printed output (to Transcript or to an arbitrary WriteStream)
* added tests

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