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Manual version: (1.9)
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Created: 30 October 2002 9:14:25 pm
Last updated: 30 October 2002 9:14:25 pm
Release note:

Loading this requires a recent version of DVS, and a recent version of SARInstaller for your image version.

1.9 (2/6/2003):
added fix for self-connections from Hernan Pablo Tylim:
This change set fix a problem when you connect both ends of a connector in the same shape and this shape is not in the world (shape pasteUpMorph ~~ shape currentWorld).

1.8a: bumped version to force download of new one (had wrong download link)

1.8 (12/12/02):
added open connectors project to World menu
fixed bug with centering default text style when Accufonts loaded
suppressed re-creation of default flaps

added buttonBar labeling; changed category names.
added SAR creation to ConnectorsInfo class.
Made install clean up empty class and method categories.

changed class category names

Kept flaps from being constructed twice.

Made icon creation from file work in Windows.
Compressed files in SAR for faster transfer.

First .SAR version.

Fixed the paths on the icon files.

Get the SARInstaller package FIRST from SqueakMap to load this (and other) SAR packages from SqueakMap.

This adds a number of enhancements and bug fixes to version 1.02,
including support for schematics, a special Project/World for drawings,
and other cool things.

It may not load properly into an image that had a previous version of Connectors installed.

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