Summary: Various fixes and enhancements to general objects and collections
Author: Anthony Hannan
Owner: Anthony Hannan (ajh)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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Enhances failure code for elementsExchangeIdentityWith:.
Enhances Interval + and -.
Enhances LinkedList species, at: and add:before:.
Enhances LookupKey name.
Enhances Message printOn:.
Moves tryNamedPrimitive... from Object to ProtoObject so simulator will work correctly for all objects.
Enhances Object copy by calling postCopy.
Fixes Object newFrom: and copySameFrom: so as: will copy indexable fields as well.
Fixes Object in: so it will work with BlockClosures as well as BlockContexts.
Adds Object asStringOrText so all objects not just MethodReferences can exist in list morphs and print.
Adds ReadStream readStream to return self, so readStream can be sent without worrying if the receiver is already a stream.
Enhances Stream printOn: to show contents.
Adds gray to TextColor constants.
Fixes WriteStream setToEnd to update readLimit.

New Protocol:
Object postCopy.
Object literalEqual:.
Integer as31BitSmallInt.
Message sendTo:, setSelector:, lookupClass:, lookupClass.
OrderedCollection removeFirst:, removeLast:.
PositionableStream back, backChunck, peekBack.
SequenceableCollection allButFirstDo:, allButLastDo:, atLast:[ifAbsent:], atLast:put:, copyWithFirst:.