HTML+CSS Validating Parser

Summary: Parses awful HTML and CSS
Author: Todd Blanchard
Owner: Todd Blanchard (tb)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: HTML-CSS
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This is an HTML and CSS parser and DOM that handles rotten HTML and broken CSS quite well. I wrote it to provide validation of web pages and it is the underlying technology behind The tag nesting and attribute rules are determined by interpreting the DTD's at the W3C. Hopefully this will make it fairly future proof. The CSS parser understands most of CSS 2 and some CSS 3 and the CSS selectors can tell if they match a DOM node. There is no visual rendering and no calculation of layout.

I hearby license it free for almost any use with the understanding that it may not be used to provide website QA software or services such as might compete with

Otherwise, do whatever you like with it. I think it would make a dandy base for a real web browser. I also find it quite useful for scraping web pages.