Test Runner Enhancements

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Manual version: (1.9)
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Created: 18 November 2002 11:12:52 pm
Last updated: 6 August 2003 8:04:48 pm
Release note:

1.9 (6 August 03):
3.6 compatibility.
Made into a Model subclass.
Made debugger step to beginning of failed test case.
Added window colors.
Added to flaps registry.
Fixed browsing.

1.8: Made progress bar not duplicate when collapsed and expanded.

1.7: Fixed bug introduced in 1.6 that was breaking TestBrowser's "run category".

1.6: Added fixes from Magistrello Alejandro for abstract test case classes.

1.5: Added to World open menu.
Made top divider work right.
Added button spacing.
Made it respect window color choice.
Kept select/deselect all from scrolling list.

1.4: kept it from scrolling back to the beginning when a test is deselected.

This includes changes by Stephan Wessels:

The most obvious changes will be related to the buttons having fixed widths, and the small text panes having fixed heights regardless of resizing. The buttons use rounded corners and all the panes use window existing preference settings for border shape and colors. If the optional buttons preference is turned on, the tests list pane includes the main menu items as optional buttons.

Release homepage:
Download: http://bike-nomad.com/squeak/TestRunnerEnh-nk.1.9.cs.gz
SHA checksum: 1295759049087220150899840019762796787079851510579