Summary: Squeak Server Pages
Author: Stephen Pair
Owner: Stephen Pair (svp)
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This package is not currently loadable. The package owner has been contacted to assist in correcting this. (klc, 7/11/2008)

This change set enables servlet style methods to be written in the class
browser. I named it SSP because of it's likeness to JSP, PSP, etc. However,
it's not exactly like those schemes, in that it has nothing (necessarily)
to do with web serving and the like. SSP methods write the contents of their
source onto a stream. Smalltalk code segments (delinieated with <% and %>)
can be embedded into this text. Additionally, embedding Smalltalk code
between <%= and %>, will force the compiler to send #sspStreamOn: to the
result of evaluating the enclosed expression.