Summary: Olson time zones and tz database for Squeak
Author: David T. Lewis
Owner: Dave Lewis (dtl)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: TZ-Olson
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TZ-Olson is an Olson time zone database for Squeak. See for background and general information. The class comment for TimeZoneDatabase provides additional details.

The Squeak Chronology package, especially class DateAndTime, represents time in terms of magnitude (seconds relative to a Posix or Smalltalk reference point) and offset from UTC, where the offset allows the DateAndTime to be displayed relative to a local timezone. When combined with Olson time zone tables, any instance of DateAndTime may be displayed for another time zone, and a local time specification in any time zone may be used to create a DateAndTime instance with correct magnitude.

TZ-Olson is a subset of the original TimeZoneDatabase package for Squeak, and replaces it for Squeak images beginning with Squeak 5.3.