Summary: Causal Set engine and visualization tool
Author: Brian Tabone
Owner: Brian Tabone (hybridmachine)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: InformationSpace
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This is a causal set exploration package. It currently supports 2 dimensional information spaces, and is designed to eventually support 3 dimensional information space. A common causal set is John Conway's Game of Life. This is implemented in this package, and an example of it can be seen with:

(Note this takes a while to run)
InformationSpace gliderGun:'Name of a log file to write to'.

This will set up an information space, link a causal ligature (The game of life in this case) to this new information space, set some initial conditions, and calculate 50 generations. It will write these to the log file you specify, and then start a visualizer on this data set. It will visualize generations 1 to 15 in 3D space (Z is time) in a Balloon3D tutorial window. The camera view is somewhat broken, as the camera looks as if its laying on its side. Z should go up, but it goes left instead. This will be fixed in a future release.