FreeType Plus (plugins installer)

Summary: Installs plugins, and libraries, into the VM executable directory.
Author: Andy Tween
Owner: Andy Tween (tween)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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(N.B. This is only for Windows/Linux. Mac OS X users should use a VM that already includes the FT2Plugin e.g. 3.8.15beta6U. As the modified BitBlt plugin is currently unavailable for Mac OS X, sub-pixel anti-aliasing will not work on OS X, but everything else should work ok)

Installs the following files into the executable directory of your Squeak VM.

Windows :-
ft2plugin.dll, freetype6.dll, msvcr71.dll, BitBltPlugin.dll, credits.txt
Linux :-
FT2Plugin, BitBltPlugin, credits.txt

If any of these file already exist, they will NOT be overwritten.
Please close and restart the image after installation.

These files are compatible with the latest version of the Win32/Linux VMs (as of Monday 9th April 2007).

This installer is a sar file, which is actually a ZIP archive. If you prefer you can download the sar file, extract its contents, and manually install the files listed above.

The FT2Plugin is based on code by Arjen van Elteren and Ned Konz in the Freetype2/demo package; and includes code from the Sophie project developers -

Portions of this software are copyright 2006 The FreeType Project ( All rights reserved.