Summary: Tuio offers tangible user interaction based on video tracking of physical objects.
Author: Simon Holland
Owner: Simon Holland (SimonHolland)
Co-maintainers: <None>
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* Prerequisite Packages OSC 5.1 or later *

An implementation of the Tuio protocol, a Tuio client and Tuio demonstration programs to work with the reacTIVision computer vision system for tracking physical objects in real time. Tuio for Squeak makes it easy to build tangible user interfaces using fiducial markers on physical objects.

Tuio for Squeak allows the rapid development of table-based tangible user interfaces (TUI) and multi-touch interactive surfaces. To make practical use of Tuio for Squeak you will need a webcam or other camera, and should download the Reactivision application for your operating system (see

Simon Holland 23 Sept 2007