Summary: Text editor w/ extensive support for VIM and Emacs commands.
Author: Steven Swerling
Owner: Steven Swerling (sps)
Co-maintainers: <None>
PackageInfo name: SVI
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Now works in 3.9, go here
For Squeak 3.7 or 3.8, use this.
If you want a version that works in Squeak 3.6, go here.

SVI is a text editor for squeak that can be used in place of the PluggableTextMorph. SVI is designed to behave, as much as possible, like a standard text editor, so as not to confuse users that are not familiar with modal text editors. Nevertheless, SVI features extensive support for VIM and Emacs modes and commands, including:

By default, SVI supports many VIM commands. If you want SVI to support Emacs commands instead, be sure to take the tour of Emin (SVI's "mini-emacs"). After loading SVI, execute "SVI openEminDocs" to take a tour of Emin.

Patches to make SVI work with StarBrowser and Celeste are available here. The Celeste version is provided as an example of how to fully integrate an application with SVI (with a recent message list, bookmarking, opening a celeste message in a split pane, etc).

Some Links:
Release Change Log

A list of SVI's default keybindings

A list of EMin's default keybindings